Investment, Commercial, & Luxury Sales Specialist
General Manager of the Residential & Commercial RE Management Company 

I believe that a real estate broker should be a consultant and trusted advisor, not a salesperson. I’ve built my business on integrity and working hard in my client’s best interest. Ed Realty is about challenging the out-dated practices of the real estate industry through cutting edge technology, a unique business strategy that only an independent brokerage can afford to implement, and uncompromising ethics and professional standards.

As a career real estate broker of 9 years, I have the expertise, qualifications, and sophistication required to assure all of your needs are met. As a Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator with 2 Master’s Degrees from USF focused on negotiation and influence as well as many other invaluable interpersonal and analytical skill sets, I’m an exceptional negotiator committed to assuring my clients obtain the best possible outcome on every sale. I have a bevy of professional and academic designations which demonstrate my commitment to constant improvement and being the best in my field.

I have a different type of business model. I offer the best full-service packages, and I offer a variety of specialized consulting services. I usually get called in when cookie-cutter brokers fail to sell a property, when an investment property has been decimated through poor management, or when a distressed property has been purchased. Additionally, many clients need an experienced advisor to assist with more complex issues associated with commercial RE and investment strategies.

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Value Adjustment Board Hearings (Property Taxes): 1. 
Understanding Tax Assessments  2. Pinellas Property Appraiser Scandal


This is a letter Ed got from the attorney of Pinellas County Property Appraiser, Patricia Young, threatening to sue him if he posts this or any other videos taken DURING THE PUBLIC HEARINGS. (Patricia Young Attorney’s Threat) This is the letter Ed sent the elected official, Pam Dubov, about her office’s rogue agents. (Letter to Elected Property Appraiser)Here is the letter the Director of Human Resources for Pinellas County sent Ed DEMANDING THAT HE DESTROY ALL DOCUMENTS FROM A PUBLIC RECORDS REQUEST THEY SENT HIM: (Letter Demanding Document’s Destruction) . This is a letter the highest ranking official in the appraiser’s office (aside from Pam Dubov) sent ED when he posed a simple question to one of the staff appraiser’s on a client’s behalf. Notice that for some reason, 17 minutes after he sent it, he makes a correction to the email. Clearly the county is having their legal staff review every communication between Ed and the appraiser’s office: (Email Reviewed for Simple Error)

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